Upcoming Events
Dust League Season 5
Qualifier #1

Fri Jun 12: 5:00pm PDTFri Jun 12: 6:00pm MDT
Fri Jun 12: 8:00pm EDT
Sat Jun 13: 2:00am CEST
Sat Jun 13: 8:00am PHT
Sat Jun 13: 12:00pm NZST
Dust League Season 5
Qualifier #2

Sat Jun 13: 5:00pm PDTSat Jun 13: 6:00pm MDT
Sat Jun 13: 8:00pm EDT
Sun Jun 14: 2:00am CEST
Sun Jun 14: 8:00am PHT
Sun Jun 14: 12:00pm NZST
Team Practice
Wed Jun 17: 5:00pm PDTWed Jun 17: 6:00pm MDT
Wed Jun 17: 8:00pm EDT
Thu Jun 18: 2:00am CEST
Thu Jun 18: 8:00am PHT
Thu Jun 18: 12:00pm NZST
Player Spotlight
Tristan 'Meecro' Sanders Age: 32
Nationality: Canada
Hometown: Ladner, BC

Race: Night Elf
Average APM: 220
Orientation: Right Handed with no limp wrists
Favorite Unit: Chimaera (100% winrate)
Hated Unit: Blademaster
Would Nerf: Rifleman & Cooldown on Tauren Chieftain's Stomp
Would Buff: Firelord's incinerate to stack with orb effects
Favorite Player: Remind
Claim to Fame: "I'm a dirty elf"
Biggest Weakness: Human playing Rifle Priest
Loves: Korean BBQ

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