Upcoming Events
Dust League Season 5
Qualifier #1

Fri Jun 12: 5:00pm PDTFri Jun 12: 6:00pm MDT
Fri Jun 12: 8:00pm EDT
Sat Jun 13: 2:00am CEST
Sat Jun 13: 8:00am PHT
Sat Jun 13: 12:00pm NZST
Dust League Season 5
Qualifier #2

Sat Jun 13: 5:00pm PDTSat Jun 13: 6:00pm MDT
Sat Jun 13: 8:00pm EDT
Sun Jun 14: 2:00am CEST
Sun Jun 14: 8:00am PHT
Sun Jun 14: 12:00pm NZST
Team Practice
Wed Jun 17: 5:00pm PDTWed Jun 17: 6:00pm MDT
Wed Jun 17: 8:00pm EDT
Thu Jun 18: 2:00am CEST
Thu Jun 18: 8:00am PHT
Thu Jun 18: 12:00pm NZST
Player Spotlight
Zack 'Shear' Reeves Age: 30
Nationality: USA
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Race: Orc
Average APM: 200
Orientation: Right Handed
Favorite Unit: Kodo Beast
Hated Unit: Wisp
Would Nerf: Thunderclap & Huntress' move speed.
Would Buff: Peon repair & Abominations.
Favorite Player: Lyn
Claim to Fame: Killed two of Mym]Lucifer's fiends in 2008.
Biggest Weakness: Holds record for most units lost to Thunderclap.
Loves: Finding a 3rd Cloak of Shadows on my BM.

Zack started his gaming career at the ripe age of 2, sitting on his mom's lap playing Megaman on the NES. At the beginning he could only mash the shoot button while she did all the platforming - but that was the moment that started it all. Growing up on the west coast, he discovered Warcraft 3 in middle school and spent most afternoons playing Wintermaul TD, Island Defense and 4v4 RT. In 2006 he met wU]Rodfodder and the two began to take 2v2 seriously, stepping up only to receive many beatdowns at the hands of wU]Sosorryman and wU]Meecro on the US West ladder. Eventually the four became fast friends and were invited to team cGz 'Certified GamerZ' in 2007.

This was Zack's first experience with competitive RTS and he was quickly outmatched and relegated to co-manager. In 2007 Take2 aqcuired cGz at a rough estimate of $0 USD and from there Zack experienced his first sponsor, M&V concrete. The sponsorship was modest, offering him no personal benefits but the team enjoyed all the luxuries of a premium ventrillo server; this was Zack's first experience as a true professional. From there a whirlwind of events took him through team xTc 'Xtreme Chaotix', s2n 'Second 2 None' and FnL 'Fresh and Legit.' By the end of 2009 Zack had played in countless online leagues and had achieved recognition not just as a co-manager, but as a low level player as well.

Zack recently came back to the game in late 2018 experiencing the nostalgia and shaking the rust. In 2019 together with old friend Sosorryman, they formed Washed UP and once again rejoined the competitive circuit.